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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HAULage! picture HEAVY!

Hey everyone! Guess what? Went shopping yesterday!!!
Yup, so I went to the mall to pick up one thing and I ended up buying a lot.
It always happens to me.
First of all, I resisted as much as I could in buying HK at MAC. I did pretty good.
But I just had to get my hands on a blush at least just for the compact itself,
also because I got so interested in getting Tippy cause I love pink blushes...
well I love all blushes!
They did have that available and I got that as well as carbon e/s.


So then on I started to walk around toward my eyebrow specialist... I find out theyre not there anymore!
WTF!!! I blame the construction going on at the mall that everyone is moving.
DAMN IT! I trusted her in doing my brows and now I don't know what to do!
She knew my name and everything. She did my brows for six years!
UGH! Don't worry I'll find her.
Anyways, stopped by a beauty store.
YIKES! Everything you see here was on clearance. They too were closing down and moving.
Guess what?! They were all A DOLLAR!!!

These here are real feathers!!
That's right folks, it was all a DOLLAR!!

SOOOOOO... I HAD to stop by Victoria's Secret cause that's one of my fave stores...
man I could buy everything that they have there!!
But they were having a clearance on select body sprays... 75%off...
so yeah all of those you see here... only 2.25 each!!!
I'm debating on whether I should go back and get more or not.
If I do I'll also end up buying other things as well!! AHHHH!!!

So this here does not apply to the 75% off
but you can still purchase them and/or others for 3 for $24 or 5 for $30.
This one is also one of my faves from VS.
So hurry on over to your VS store and get you some body sprays.
As far as sales, there were more sales for beauty than the undergarments.
I suggest you shop online at VS website to get more deals than you would at the store.

Hope yall enjoyed!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Long and Over due... Prize Haul

so here it is.
it is finally up after what? ... almost a month. yeah. hardly ever anyt time for me.
so here are the swatches from the prizes i received from Ro.
for me, blue is still a big bold color but im slowly getting courage to rock it.

now, gold looking shade is sunlit cactus from jesse's girl
the brightest shimmery blue is mardi gras from jesse's girl
and the darker blue is royal blue from la femme

these three are amazing. love the colors.

Ro also sent me some taylor made =) i fell in love w/ them right away

these here are the taylor made swatches

so there it is everyone. sorry i took so freaking long.
here is the link to the vid, just click on the following:

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