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Friday, March 19, 2010

Simple Green .. no not the cleaner..

quick post:
just wanted to share my nail design i had going for St. Patricks day. Very plain and simple, I know, but it's what i could come up with at the moment. Just had things on my mind.
I did free handedly make the four leaf clover. :) I was asked by a few people, so I wanted to make sure i put that out there.

Dark green (stripes,clover) - Sinful Colors in San Francisco
Glitter polish (all-over nail color) China Glaze in Sour Apple
Base Coat - Orly
Top Coat - Nailene Acrylic Strong

I'm in the process of creating some nail designs, one including a Prince theme.. hope to get that up as soon as I get a new camera. :)
Have any idea for me to try (free hand) let me know :)


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