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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A failed what? What name?

ah..finally a day off! i've been working 7 days straight! off today, back on the grind tomorrow for another 7 day streak!

so remember this cute feller?:

...well this ball of cuteness FINALLY has a name! it's name is POCKET. why? cause it's small enough to fit in a pocket. THANK YOU L (LADYLONLINE) for the name. the boy actually agreed to that name. L suggested a few names and thru the process we were being silly. she had me laughing hard that I had tears coming out of one flippin' eye! she even suggested QTip. lol. cute. i was coming up with weird ones like flea, whisker,button, zinger..etc..
to the few ladies who were kind to suggest, thank you so much. all names were cute but i had to come in an agreement with the boy. i really appreciate all the feedback. thank you. <3

so on with the blog title..we got the what name done.. but what did i fail?!?
my flippin NOTW!!! i should've taken a before picture but i was rushing to get ready for work. the ones you view below are the after.
i used glitter polish as the base (besides clear base coat), real dried flowers, and clear top coat w/ bonder.
i didn't give nails sufficient time to dry that i just hopped in the shower and my damn flowers just got too wet. the yellow ones weren't yellow anymore. for now on if i use yellow im using dark polish base. the purple one wasn't bad at all cause the color stayed vibrant.

SEE WHAT I MEAN?!? FAILED!! i will attempt this again. this time i'll give plenty of time as in hours before soaking hands in water.
next post i'll see if i can pop a pic or two of my dried flower collection.

Monday, May 25, 2009

personal post.. =D drum roll please...

hey everyone! not beauty/fashion related but just wanted to share a new member of my family..

meet the new dwarf rabbit.

i still don't have a name for it and it's been about three days now..
this isn't the only pet i have, i also have a cat (his name is guppy). i'll post photos of guppy another time. i promise as well as NEW and better photos of the rabbit.

ain't it the cutest? it is unbelievably super soft and so well behaved. though i hate that it chews everything in its path.
i hear i can potty train it. awesome.

enjoy the photos! ::Pics taken w/ lg vu camera phone::

*bunny just getting home*

**well hello there cute feller**

**bunny starts exploring. so happy it didn't potty on desk**

**look how small it is!! AND I HAVE SMALL HANDS!!**

**just cute like a stuffed toy**

**nope, not testing it on bunny**
SEE HOW SMALL IT IS?!?! when bunny stretches, an average of 1 1/2 mascara tubes.

so yeah.. a couple of lovely ladies first heard about my new pet a couple of days ago. i said i'd do a blog and here it is. YAY!
i'm still trying to figure out if it's a boy or girl and still don't have a name.
anyone out there wanna help me?!? come on, it should be fun reading names.. i don't know.. if i do pick a name i might just give you something. well, it's actually if my boy agrees to a name. he keeps asking me over and over for a name.. we need help.
hopefully many of you will be kind enough to suggest names.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

moisture with a touch of pure natural

i had to make a run to the drugstore because i ran out of moisturizing face cream. i decided to try out nivea's soft moisturizer. ever since i was a kid i ALWAYS used the blue nivea face cream.. you all know which one right? it's the same packaging as the white one you see below but it's color is blue instead of white.

so here is my view on this nivea soft based on MY experience with it and may not have same results with everyone else so if you do decide to try, it is at your own "risk". =D -

i actually like it as much as the blue nivea. this soft nivea isn't so "greasy" and yes it does absorb quickly as it claims. right away my skin felt very soft through out the day. i'm not sure if it's just me but towards the end of the day my skin felt a tad bit dry but not in a bad way. as for the blue nivea, i kind of sweat a little more on the face during the day. this one, can't remember that i did so i guess that's good.
would i use it again? for sure! i'm good with this one or the regular nivea.

ALSO, i bought their new gloss *caregloss & shine in pure natural* and i can say i'm impressed with it. i can use it alone (since it already has some shine to it) or to prime lips and/or apply over other lip products. for me this is just as good as carmex.. i think this helped me from getting dry lips from lipsticks/glosses.
what i do want to know, is it good like carmex when it comes to dry, cracked lips? will it heal fast like carmex? that i don't know. maybe on my day off from work i'll let my poor lips suffer and try this nivea thing and see if it works.
flavor? i don't taste it at all.. i mean it's nothing weird or anything. i would certainly purchase this again. my lips may have a problem.. carmex has competition.. hahaa!!

(pics taken w/ lg vu camera phone)
please let me know if any of you have tried or use either of the products. i'd love to get some feedback. or just let me know if you've been wanting to try it or will try it.

wanted to share what i did yesterday. i was at my boy's house playing the roll of bob the builder/martha stewart-ish.. uh yyyyeaaahh.. so anyways..
first picture you see is his room with a lamp that's circled. i bought that for him at ikea ($9.99 u.s.). it has two lamps in one. click photo to enlarge if ya like.

second one here, that's his new bed.. i think i did 65% of the work, yep! he bought the bed frame and the mattress. i bought him that rug too, japanese import and thick, great material. so cushiony. i organized his room oh and helped him put up new curtains.

last but not least, wanted to share a picture of one of my favorite pairs of shoes.. i heart my madden girl!!

quick shout out to DSK.. i was so happy she had left a comment on the last post.. WOW! hehe. thanks. i'm honored.

Monday, May 18, 2009

shake yo ass but watch ya self!

so you might be thinking, "wtf is up with the title?" - sorry about my title. it was earthquake inspired. last night there was a 4.7 magnitude quake which was centered in Lennox, CA. i live and work approx. 6-8 miles from Lennox. YEAH! PRETTY CLOSE! i was at work (nights suck) and well it was the first time ever in my life to be caught up at work during a quake. i've been feeling aftershocks, even while doing this blog entry. i sort of enjoy the quakes, i'm weird but HEY! i have to deal with them. i mean i do live in quake country.
so here is a photo of me at work right after the quake:

i work at the airport and at first i thought it was a plane. nope, it wasn't.

Moving On...

did some shopping a few days ago. here are a couple of tops i bought. i wish i took pictures of saturday's outfit! i always forget that i have a camera!!! i swear i looked sOoOo different.
i'm sorry i didn't post more of what i bought but this is a quick HAUL. hope you enjoy.

pics taken w/ lg vu camera phone

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

what in the PiNk box!??!

so i received my pretty pink box on monday... this is what i got:

(pics taken w/ lg vu camera phone)
click on photos to enlarge

i really loved what i got this time. my second pretty pink box. i was just bummed about not getting the plastic type of box.. you know the one that's like see thru. oh well.

so if you follow me on twitter, you all know i was dealing w/ a broken heart.. well the boy and i decided to work things out. so he was at my house, opened up my pink box.. once he got to the eyeko makeup book he looks at me and said "this looks cute. makes me wish i had this if i were a girl.. actually this looks pretty cool. for a girl that is." haha. that was funny.

so the boy and i went to do some shopping.. got some things for my friend who just had a baby (i should do a post for her =( cause she's going thru some rough road)
bought her some baby's first books and this is what boy and i did:

(pics taken w/ lg vu camera phone)
click to enlarge

Saturday, May 9, 2009

NotD ... or should i say NotW?

so i'm thinking, i shouldn't say NOTD.. it is actually more like NOTW(eek) cause i mean i do paint my nails and leave them on for about 5days anyway. not just for 1 day.
so yeah.. i guess these here is my NOTW!
using 3 polishes that i recently purchased (haul posted previously to this one)

i sort of rushed this nail design =( but it looks good. i love the colors and very happy that they all combined well. i was worried one might be off or too much for the other.

so just a refresher, i used lubu heels (on tip, dots,swirly), awakening (base color), and art deco in glittery pink.
(pics taken w/ lg vu camera phone)

so thanks for peeping out the nails.
hope all of y'all are enjoying the weekend. i hate weekends =( i work nights and it sucks.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

china glazed up + q&a?!?

ok so i went to sally's to pick up a few things but look at here!!! i bought two more polishes from china glaze and one art deco polish.

please forgive picture quality. night time shots suck so bad.
(pics taken w/ my lg vu camera phone)

lubu heels (left), glittery pink (center), awakening (right)


(lubu heels)

i can't wait to start using these later tonight. i have to think of a design.. i mean i have one in mind already but i just need to play with it a bit. so what do you think of these two?!?

ok so blogger here has no reply button for comments left. so for now on any questions asked on a previous blog will be answered at the next new blog post... then new questions on that one will be posted on the next one after that, etc etc. i hope that makes sense.

ok so last post (besides the announcement of a new blogger post) was about my notd using for audrey and small mac haul.. so anything asked there will be answered here! yay! starting today! also, any additional comments left that i'd like to reply to will be posted as well. =D sound good?

q&a's ::
tiny mac purchase & notd

mz.cyn.dez : naked pigment is to die for. totally worth the $$ for a whole jar. it's the most beautiful fleshy toned color w/ pink almost copperish sparkle to it. in my opinion, many shadows can be well combined w/ this pigment. for a beginner using pigments, i find it easy to use. =D

izumi : glad to know you think notd's are cool. i'm no pro but i'm sure one day you'll be able to get that polish to stay on for two days at least! <3

tammy : no nail polish pens! all free lance w/ a stripping (i think that's what it's called) brush. i wanted to buy a pen but w/ a brush i can mix polishes. idk. =D i'm still mastering designs.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

tiny MAC purchase & NoTD

hello my loves.
just a quick haulage here from mac.

if you follow me on twitter, then you should already know that i've been wanting to have naked pigment.
well... i finally got it and i've been using it everyday now.

(pics taken w/ lg vu camera phone)

*mineralize skin finish natural in medium
*naked pigment (bottom left)
*electra e/s (bottom right)
*shale e/s (bottom center)

*makeup porn*

*viva glam v*
(shout out to vans aka vansmakeupride)
she suggested i get this one
thanks babe!

here i am using for audrey as base (sent to me by the lovely sonya aka sonya k thanks love muah!!)
i think this polish was defected lol no seriously
it was too dang watery for me to use .. it just wasn't working well
i don't know about the design, i didn't come out right but it's sort of do-able.

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