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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

IMATS [extremely picture heavy]

what's up y'all?!? this here is HEAVY w/ pictures from saturday. i was debating on going to IMATS and whether or not i should go saturday or sunday. i wanted to go on sunday cause i knew it would be less crowded but then i thought EVERYONE is going to be there saturday. my boy gave me that extra push to go since i started backing out. IM SO GLAD I WENT!!!
i took a few pictures since i'm a dunce at times. i carry a camera and tend to forget i have it. i was just going GA-GA all over the makeup. WOW!
ready?!? lets go...
[Click any Photo to Enlarge]

it felt so good to be back home! i miss my hometown of pasadena.

crazy.. he's not done yet but it's looking up.

i really liked this one.. body paint. so sexy.

speaking of sexy.. *whistles* wowsers!
i felt weird looking at her tatas but i mean she's got butterflies all over them. lol.
this was awesome.
for the freaks.. use chocolate butterflies... lmao. j/k.

i wasn't able to take pictures of all the (contest) entries. too many people around.
this one was cool.

gah!!! mufe's line was looooooooooooooooong!!!!
man! 40% off! you think it was worth the wait?
i'm talking about an hour or more!!

look!! it's eve pearl!

i was really digging this one. the design on her are people or bodies..
i'm sure you get what i mean.

now this here i fell in love with. i thought this was the best entry (IMO)
but this entry won second.

please click on their names (bold/white) to go to their blogger/youtube

yes! i met her! omg.. don't hate me pam for sharing this::
i recognized her face right away!! but i thought she would be much taller! i told her that but i felt so bad. pam you were stunning and just lovely.
man her posse looked so intimidating cause they were all BEAUTIFUL!
correct me if i am wrong, but i noticed some of the gals had DSK necklaces!
i just loved how pam talks. =D

yes, PURSEBUZZ. you know, she is much more gorgeous in person. i mean it.
her voice was much more calming and different than in her videos. now this is my opinion here. i speak for myself.
she was so sweet in recommending what booths to visit since she asked about the kind of makeup i like as far as colors/look.

MAKEUPGEEKTV! wow, i honestly didn't know she was going to be there yet i am a subscriber. lol.
i was so nervous but i got to talk to her for a bit and her company (i forgot if she said she was w/ a friend or relative. that's how nervous i was). but i did talk to her company too.

i was really looking forward to meeting MACNC40 and yeah!! it's PETRILUDE! when i saw suzy i was all shaking. lol.. i know they are regular people but i am a super shy person at first. i mean they are the people i watch on the net.. to me it's sort of celeb status in our own weird way. haha.
so yeah, i was totally comfortable around josh. i talked with him for a bit. really easy to talk with.

i was so surprised to see KUUIPO1207! i totally did not know how to approach her! i was scared, lol. not in a bad way AGAIN my shyness issue. she is just so sweet, she remembered me from twitter cause of some convo we had over twitter about special k cereal. lol. i was SO HAPPY to have met her!

now this girl here, FAFINETTEX3.. she walked in to the exhibit right when i was getting my wrist band! man she walks FAST! i tried to catch up to her (i was telling her this myself) and was going to say HEY AUBREY but didn't cause she'd think WTH?!? lol. she said i should have. idk.. haha. but i ran into her later. we chat for a bit. at this point i was overwhelmed.. i was shaking. ugh!! i'm weird i know.. but..

ALLTHATGLITTERS21 was there with Aubrey. Blair aka Juicystar07 was behind Elle but i was in the zone i left her out! IM SO MEAN!!! i'm sorry i was so so nervous. i was talking to elle and stopped for a minute and i said god im so nervous i think i could cry. lol. i must say talking to elle almost felt like her and i already knew each other cause i really had fun talkin with her. easy to talk to. beautiful personality. look it man im CHEESIN' it big here!
thank you elle for inviting me to say a few in your video.

i was riding solo when i got to pasadena but later lauren aka QUEENOFBLENDING gets there with her daughter.
p.s. this is for that ONE person who said that i didn't know her at all! LMAO!
so yeah, i was in lauren's ENTOURAGE *so she said* and well we went exploring and walking around. wow, she got stopped so many times by her subbies. i had fun seeing others getting nervous with her. i was like MAN IS THAT HOW I GET with the OTHER GURUS?!

hey now it's ENKORE! at this point i'm not smiling all that big cause my feet were killing me!!
it was so great to have met him!

it seemed that when lauren met/ran into pursebuzz,enkore,temptalia (which i forgot to take pic with! WTF?!)..this gal here, HERROYALPOSHNESS, was with them and well they seemed to know her. i was like ???
but i got to talk to her and well she is such a doll! she was so shy it was cute. let me add BRAVE for flying solo from the UK just to come for IMATs. my hero there!
i'm so glad i got to meet you and exchanged info. i definitely can't wait to keep in touch with you.

every guru that i met were so wonderful but my highlight was ITSJUDYTIME!
i was jumping for joy inside! cool thing, i wasn't the only one nervous.. she was too so i was told.
wow!! she was also another girl who was easy to talk to. wow, sweetest girl ever! she was with her friend, aka her entourage hehe. i really had fun chatting with her. wow, i'm still in that AMAZED zone.

i witnessed a guru meeting another guru. it was so awesome and cute. i swear.. lauren, judy, judy's friend and i ended up talking away. i loved it.

finally i got to meet ANHADOESMAKEUP for the very first time.
you and lauren are like partners in makeup crime. haha. i kid.
yeah, she is even more gorgeous in person. sweet girl. yeah, i was also nervous with her.
i really want anha at my shoot.. i aleady let her know. =D

so there it is. for me, it was such a wonderful and amazing experience that i know i will truly carry with me forever. it was overwhelming for me cause there was so much going on.. the booths, the crowd, the gurus!!! it was all too much but i took it in... absorbed it all. i wasn't going to cry but yeah i was shaking cause of my damn shyness and getting all nervous.
i saw familiar faces but wasn't sure where i have seen them from.
i missed the opportunity of meeting or taking pictures with five people (blogger/guru) including Linda from MYPRETTYPINKBOX and Bryani aka STATUSMODE.
i am ready for next year. will you be there?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i got that flower power! did you?

good flippin' news! i finally ordered from DSK! YES!!! my first dsk jewelry!
i was so glad to have logged on to blogger and there it was! a new post with lovely jewelry.
i didn't think twice about it! i ordered right away.
so for my first purchase, i ordered a necklace and a set of cute earrings. i completely was hypnotized by the necklace.. NO JOKE! i wore it two days in a row after receiving it. LET ME TELL YOU, i got my jewelry in a jiffy!! two days!!! i swear fast shipping is the ISH!
i think everyone should own at least 1 item from DSK! you have to have one!!!

Enjoy (pics taken lg vu camera phone)
my boy was the one who opened my package. yeah. um.. he started eating my candy! it's ok. sharing is caring.
i also got a mask. i love masks.

flower power blingage BABE!!!

i was rushing to get to work, sorry you can't really see the earrings.
they're so cute!

this one here... that damn flower power hit my wallet. seducted me.. i needed it. had to have it.
now i do.

was rockin' this baby for two days straight.
it is my obsession.. for now. haha. 'til i get a new lover of a necklace.

please click the following to visit DSK jewelry blog

i hope everyone visit's her site. FYI.. she just posted some lovely things for you TWILIGHT freaks. hah. i'm not a fan (sorry guys... boooo i know) but i have to admit, i'm falling for that twilight inspired bracelet.
THANK YOU so much STEPH. i was so much more head over heals for my necklace when i received it. the goodies.. yummers though my boy was hogging it all. haha. that mask imma use it on my day off. i need a pamper lisi day! been working that o.t.! im effin tired!
girl i have my eyes on a few things including that twilight inspired bracelet. def it won't be my first or last purchase. THANK YOU again.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

boutique - kb originals

hey dolls. so today i have a small haul from Beau Monde boutique.. =D Hi Kelly!!
i didn't purchase much but keep in mind this was my first purchase from Kelly's etsy boutique.
i was seriously eye balling a pair of earrings just because i thought it was just cute and unique. i like to be unique rather than blend with the crowd sometimes. i'm sure that we all do sometimes if not most of the time.
then, another pair caught my eye for the colors. =D i don't know, i'm very picky with earrings sometimes. i love earrings, but it depends what i want the earrings for, that's when the PICKY side of me kicks in.
(pics taken lg vu camera phone)

please check out Kelly's etsy shop by clicking the following:
she has some beautiful jewelry which she hand makes herself. she is such a sweetheart and is there to help you with any questions (whether on youtube or twitter). Kelly, i am seriously in love with Pastel Princess Cluster Bracelet. i'm sure i'll get my hands on it. oh, let me say the shipping was fast. got it in two days after ordering. i loooooooove fast shipping.
thank you so much Kelly. Can't wait for the two new up-and-coming collections. i got my eye on something already in your sneek-peek photos.

thanks everyone for the love on twitter - just seems like a few are feeling down and out. yesterday really was the worst ever in my life! thanks for caring. xoxo

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