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Monday, October 27, 2008

i think im turning japanese

okay so i entered this contest for StyleGanji.
my first contest entry ever online.
the challenge?
japanese style makeup.
i've seen so many japanese styles. so which one is it really japanese?
well i got inspired by this photo:
i mean the eye colors are fab.
so this helped me get an idea of what i could do. i guess this is the modern japanese look right?
how did it turn out?

well you be the judge.
i had a lot of fun.
whether I win or lose, I am happy that I did this.
I am up for a challenge and this was one for me.
growing up I had japanese influences.
I don't think makeup was involved so much. More like the culture, traditions, and landscapes.
hope I win although I hear that this contest might be....
cancelled? postponed?
I hope not.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

How to: remove & clean false lashes

so i have been wanting to find a good way to remove lashes... most of the time it has been easy for me to remove then, but not too long ago it kind of hurt a bit. i was saying to myself 'there has to be a way to make it less painful and much more easier while still keeping the falsies shape'.
so here is one method that i'm hoping would work for everyone.
use extra virgin olive oil.
first take a qtip and make sure to put a bit of the olive oil on it. if you soak up the qtip it might get messy.
now take that qtip and apply along where the false lash line is, carefully avoiding your eye as much as you can. wait a few minutes for the oil to sit. so after a few minutes, begin pulling the false lash starting from the outer side.
this olive oil method should help make the false lash come off easy. if necessary, you may put a little more oil on the false lash line incase that it's not coming off easy. also, this method should help to keep the falsies shape! i know i'm willing to try a method if that'll save me some money! right?

to clean: get a clean container and fill it up with some water (soapy water) and place your false lashes in the cotainer to soak (in the soapy water) for a little bit. soaking the lash makes the glue soft and less sticky enough so it wont ruin and/or remove any hair.
now take the false lashes out. gently begin to pull off the glue from the lash bone. hold the lash hairs carefully while removing the glue. a tweezer might help get that glue off or simply rub or wipe off with a tissue (rubbing/wiping away from the false lash hair).
after removing all the glue just place them on a towel to dry. make sure to groom the falsies with a comb before putting away in its packaging.

well, that's it and i hope that it will help!
you can do the oil method if you need to or just simply follow the cleaning steps or vice versa.

thanks for reading!

please let me know if you have done this method before/ tried it and if it has worked for you.
or share with me some methods that you all know.

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