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Saturday, January 30, 2010

After months, I'm back? With a review too?!?

i am back.. been gone for months and well i felt that i should no longer stray away. i missed blogging but life made a big turn along the way and well.. i had to deal with it.

here i am and with a review. (i'm not use to posting reviews so bare with me :D )

Disclaimer:: the following product was provided by nailene for review purposes only. i have tested/tried out the product and i have provides an honest opinion towards my experience with the product. i am not being paid by nailene nor am i affiliated with nailene.

i'm one who always goes to the nail salon and gets a mani/pedi as well as a full set of french tips. well, i was given the chance to try out Nailene's new so natural perfect fit square shape short length nails.
the last time i remember i wore nails was back in high school ('98) and those suckers hurt my real nails. i felt pain or fakes would fall off quickly.

so here is a before picture. (iphone cam used)
nails look .. ehh.. i had gotten my nails done at the salon and it was time that they came off.
here is what was included in the box
mini file/buffer, instructions, fake nails and nail glue
putting on the nails didn't take too long.
i'm not really use to doing this but it wasn't hard at all.
i began to think that the little tube of glue provided wouldn't be enough for all ten nails.
it could've been just me but i used up all of it. =/
comparing the small tube of glue, it has the same ingredients as krazy glue. lol i had to have back up in case.
i was very impressed once i put the first nail on. i was in love with it already. they looked so very real.. like my own nail.
the nail fit was very snug and comfy.
i didn't feel any discomfort nor did my real nails hurt/feel pain.
i really like the fact that the package provided many different sizes.. with others it would either be too small or too big.
my nails DID NOT fall off. :P hooray! cause my work is brutal on my nails and i feared they would fall off and i'd be embarrassed.

here is an after photo.. ...

about a week later..
i have to say, if i wanted to get my nails done and didn't want to spend too much at the salon, i would def. purchase nailene and do it myself. this package is less the $7.00 at my local drugstore.
these nails made me feel like i didn't have to commit to a "long term" wear cause taking them off was less painful and easier than salon nails.
the only thing i didn't like was the small tube of glue.. but then again maybe i just used a little too much that i used up the whole tube. or was it meant to be a one time, use it all up tube.
a big huge thank you and shoutout to nailene for providing me this opp. to try out their new product.

more nailene reviews to come. stay tuned...

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