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Monday, September 28, 2009

celebrating life

today i am now 27. a reminder to celebrate life. we only live once and most of the time we only get once chance, one shot at some things.

the loss of a friend two months ago (exactly two months today) has made me realize how much more this life is precious to me. yes, i have changed and made some adjustments. let me tell you, it feels great!

we tend to forget to value our life. treasure our moments. it's ok. we are only humans. as long as you get back on track and celebrate life and live with no regrets.

THIS WAS A PERSONAL POST.. just had to share what my heart was feeling.

a shout out to all of my followers (welcome new ones)
currently i'm on vacation - a much needed one. ahhh... hope the rest of the week doesn't fly by too fast.
have a great week everyone.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

ND fail?

i like to do a little bit of everything on my blog.. but it seems like i'm posting more and more on nails. guess i'm more of an expert in nails than i am with makeup. no worries. i'll be posting up more makeup looks, my shopping goodies and hair related posts. i'm just trying to get back after being away so long. i'm still trying to get it together.

so here i did a little experiment. i need to practice more in order to make it perfect. i'm wondering if this looks tacky (don't judge - these are first attempt photos).
when i say tacky i meant as in once i get it perfect would it look tacky? i'm thinking it's more about getting the right color combinations and blending as much as i can.

fail? should i continue to try and make it right? anyways, here are my three different color combos.
(REMEMBER - this was just an experiment)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

got that GLAM again!

wow, when was the last time that i blogged? so sorry for being away for so long.
just dealing with a lot of personal issues. one being a loss of a friend. =( *deep breath* it's been a month and i'm still in denial that he is gone.
so here i am .. again. this post was meant to be up about a month ago but, again, i had to take care of things first.
i did some shopping at again. Unfortunately some of the items i wanted were out of stock.
i've been meaning to do a haul video but just haven't been able to.

THANK YOU BRI!!! i love your items and i'm def. not done shopping with you sweetie! xoxo


i just LOVE the way it gets sent!
feels so personal.

isn't this lovely?

here are the items i purchased in round two

i meant to take a picture of me wearing the bracelet so you can see the size of it! it is BIG!! =) but so gorgeous.
the panda charm was right on my phone the same day i received it! it's beautiful.

just to show you, here is a photo of me wearing one of the necklaces for the first time.
this was at a company picnic.. that would explain why i have my face painted. i was just being a good sport.

hope you enjoyed this quick haul. sorry for not being very detailed here. i also want to appologize again for being away. but i want to thank each and everyone of you for still following my blog. i also noticed i just got new followers.. welcome! xox

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