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Monday, May 18, 2009

shake yo ass but watch ya self!

so you might be thinking, "wtf is up with the title?" - sorry about my title. it was earthquake inspired. last night there was a 4.7 magnitude quake which was centered in Lennox, CA. i live and work approx. 6-8 miles from Lennox. YEAH! PRETTY CLOSE! i was at work (nights suck) and well it was the first time ever in my life to be caught up at work during a quake. i've been feeling aftershocks, even while doing this blog entry. i sort of enjoy the quakes, i'm weird but HEY! i have to deal with them. i mean i do live in quake country.
so here is a photo of me at work right after the quake:

i work at the airport and at first i thought it was a plane. nope, it wasn't.

Moving On...

did some shopping a few days ago. here are a couple of tops i bought. i wish i took pictures of saturday's outfit! i always forget that i have a camera!!! i swear i looked sOoOo different.
i'm sorry i didn't post more of what i bought but this is a quick HAUL. hope you enjoy.

pics taken w/ lg vu camera phone


DSK said...

cute shirts! I love plaid

Jules said...

I love those shirts! Plaid is definitely in

Vanessa M. said...

sooo cute! i soo need something like that!

*Nehs* said...

I have those nivea producs. :) love the lip stuff. also love the moisturizer for night only. I can't wear them with my foundation cause my face gets oily.

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