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Friday, January 2, 2009

Special Shout Out to...

Hello everyone!
I want to apologize for straying away from my blog for so long!
I have been very busy! EEHHH!!!
Hopefully I can start posting looks of the day again and other stuff.
Coming soon, blog about my contest prize from ROSIE!

I dedicate this blog entry to ms. Queen of Blending.. aKa Lauren.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
There are many wonderful people out there who have a special talent in make up art.
But I just have to shine the spotlight on Lauren here because I personally know her, she has done my make up a few times already, and I can totally vouch for her wonderful work.

I am truly her number one fan!
I am wondering if she thinks I am becoming obsessed with her and will end up going all crazy! Hahah!
Anyways, Lauren is a professional make up artist (freelance). Her work is fabulously amazing working in Southern California.
I am very honored to have her as my make up artist and I am so glad to have contacted her as well.

Lauren got started doing make up back in 2004 doing challenges from make up groups on and she started getting into make up because of all the compliments and encouraging words she began receiving. Later, Lauren became professional in 2005.
Slowly but surely, Lauren was beginning to get noticed and now has over 60,000 supporters and fans of her work on myspace. Just about a year ago, she created a youtube account has posts on make up tutorials. And you know what?!? She is now making history... dreams are coming true!
Lauren recently was featured in Illusion Magazine, based in the U.K., which gets published three times a year and contains many photos of makeup artists around the world as well as articles and a few how-to's.
I am really proud of Lauren and extremely happy that things are going well for her. One of the sweetest and most hard working person I've ever met... she truly deserves this and it's only the beginning.

Now I want to share a few pictures of the work she has done for me :)
[click to enlarge]

I am very proud of you Lauren!
Keep up the good work... keep hustlin' ...
you're my number one celeb! xoxo!


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tamar0 said...

maybe she can do my makeup for my wedding day. how much does she charge? :)

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