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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love Pack round 1

it was love at first blind swap
**record scratch sound**
ok, did i say blind swap?
YeS, i did.

i'm certain many of you are familiar with swaps.
for those who don't know, basically it is like a trade.
say you have a 2/3 jar full of mac pigment and you don't want it anymore.
someone else (on blogger or twitter or makeupalley or wherever) might want it and they'll swap it with something you want or possibly they have something you'd like to have... therefore you and the other person swap.
got it? i hope so cause i tried to paint a pic here.

ANYWAYS... my lovely Rani and I had our first Blind Swap. how did it get started?
while on twitter Rani mentioned she was going shopping. later on i asked her jokingly what she got for me... from there we ended up agreeing on sending each other a pack with a surprise.
this here... well it's my love pack sent from the panhandle state with LOTS OF LOVE!

eye candy:

i'll tell ya, im super addicted to the lippies she sent me. i just can't get enough of it.
i totally recommend the lippies you see here! get them! get 'em i say!
the day i got them was the day i started to use them and since then i'm still using them and in my makeup bag.

thank you sooo soo much Rani. this is love. believe it or not, i felt so spoiled. i wasn't expecting a lot. thank you so much again. our first ever blind swap and it won't be the last either.
i hope you loved, if not, then liked what i sent your way.
you're a total sweetheart and your card.... well it hit home. your love pack came to my home during my downside. perfect timing. bless your heart.

i wish i had taken pics of what i sent her and the little messages i put on the box flaps. hopefully rani did cause i'd totally like to post my spoil box! hah. i love to give and spoil.
hope you all enjoyed!


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Sonya K. said...

That's a good looking swap. Lucky girl you are ;)

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