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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

(for dry eyes. these drops here are not for red eyes)
(i will review drops for red eyes soon)

so this is what i got over the weekend! finally! rohto!
so what is rohto and the difference from our u.s. eye drops?
rohto has been called the "hard minty eye drops" which are hard to get in the u.s.
i do have to agree, they are minty. no! they're not flavored and you can't taste it...
but it's all in the sensation of it all when it's all on your precious eyes.

when i first placed drops in my eyes, i thought i smelled the scent of mint.
then a few seconds after i felt the minty-ness. i'm going to be honest it did burn.
but the burn was a good feeling burn. sounds weird, i know.
no worries, the burning buzz goes away. then it just felt like my eyes were full of tears.
like i would close my eyes shut but the "tears" just wouldn't run.

**comparing it w/ visine**
rohto's packaging looks so much fun than visine's
people get so curious about rohto when they see it.
i feel so unfaithful to visine.
the visine you see here, i do like because it more natural than the others
as well as it's more gentle and doesn't sting.

rohto's nozzle is so much shorter but still easy to use.
visine's nozzle gets smaller at the top.
oh, with rohto there's no need to screw the cap. just twist and lock. very simple.

does it feel good?! hell yes!!!
the only thing about the drops is that your eyes have to get use to the minty feeling.
for a minute i was wondering if it was suppose to feel minty and got worried.
yes, it is suppose to be minty because these drops are cooling drops.
contains :
naphazoline hydrochloride 0.012% (redness reliever) polysorbate 80 0.2% (lubricant)

when did i use the drops?
i'm a gamer girl and played for a long while, hadn't had much sleep.
so i thought what better time than to try it now!
i couldn't find the right words to describe how amazing the minty feeling was.
i was enjoying it.
these drops can totally take the edge off when you're sleepy.
not only that, when you've been staring at the computer for a long time.
maybe when you first wake up in the morning? yes.

so what do you think? sounds different from the drops you use?

my conclusion:
this "minty" product will wake your eyes up!
the minty feeling can be intense but it is one that feels sooooooo good!
this product does accomplish what the manufacturer claims.
try it for yourself and be the judge.

*unusual minty feeling... imagine altoids but for your eyes..
it's not bad trust me on this. it feels good.
*makes the eyes feel wet

*some people may feel it more intense than others
*some people will not like this "minty" feeling (because of reason above)
*some might get redness in there eyes which fades slowly
*can't use them if you have contacts. have to remove them before putting in drops.
then you'd have to wait at least 15mins before putting contacts on again.

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