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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

what the SHOP?!?

guess who shopped?
well i did some online shopping so here is the latest that arrived in to my home

forever 21

i seriously disliked how my box looked. it seemed like it was packed all tacky. i dont know, i just let it go.
i ordered with standard delivery and got it in about six days.

ok so these boots, now that i got them i dont know if i like them. what the heck?!?
and i honestly thought i was buying black ones. crap! yeah i know i shouldve double checked. blah blah. whats done is done.
maybe i need to give it a chance and wear them out. how about with some nice skinny jeans or black tights? perfect for a night out.
these shoes cost a little over $40 dollars i got them for about $6.
yeah, i dont mind spending money but theres nothing wrong with saving money too.

so, what do you think?
still wondering if i like them... they look too brown but its the flash. they are darker looking.

got some knee high socks... they sort of look like leg warmers
also got a hinged wallet.
what i really want is a sapphire blue Abas. but this one here will do in the meantime.
this wallet is about the size of a small mac shadow palette.


ok, so from ebay i order the 10 blush palette.
i love it. many of the blushes are mac blush dupes.
besides that, it was cheaper than buying them from coastal scents.
this was sent from hong kong and took about 12 days to get here.


thanks to the lovely leina, i ended up buying a faux fur print purse.
this was on sale at tilly's website.
i was debating whether to get it or not since the picture they had online made it look unflattering.. but i am very happy i got it. i use it everyday now. :D
i should get the black and white prints.
so i selected standard delivery and got it in two days.

so thats it.
hope you enjoyed.
there will be more purchases and more photos to come.


ekimura said...

super cute boots!! I love that hair post too too cute :D

Sonya said...

Wow 12 days for the palette? It took me a month and a half to get the 120 palette I ordered off eBay that was shipped from Hong Kong!!

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