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Thursday, April 9, 2009

For the love of _______

... Asia...
[ [ PicTurE heAvy ] ]

just wanted to share one of my amazing moments that i have experienced in my life so far.
at age 23, i didn't expect to travel anywhere in the world yet and alone (meaning no family).
i was blessed with the opportunity to visit thailand and i am happy that i accepted the chance.

well, in case you haven't noticed - my music player contains asian music... japanese that is.
but how does japanese music have anything to do with thailand?
just the fact that i was in asia and of course japan is in asia DUH!
i don't know. ayumi's song just makes me reminisce my trip from boarding the plane in the states to stepping out in bangkok's aiport at 3am and the weather over 70 degrees.
i will soon travel to asia and if i don't visit thailand ever again in my life...
well, all i have to say is that i left a piece of my heart there.
when things were so hopeless for me that year, that trip made me realize life is too precious.
i just can't let it slip by me and enjoy wonders.. that there is more to life than what i think.

i loved everything there. locals.the tours.culture.
i can go on and on...
what impacted my heart was standing on the shores where people lost their lives because of the tsunami disaster. never ever did i think i'd visit that country and yet after such a devastating event.
the thai new year was def the best time to have been there. throwing water to the locals and tourists. it was just so welcoming.
fed fish bread in the sea. that was fun.i grabbed one while snorkeling and moved him in the water like a toy car (i was gentle i was just curious).
the fish sucked on me weird like a baby w/ no teeth.
aahhh... thailand i miss thee..

in the future i'll prob post other pics from this trip.
you should listen to ayumi's song from my music player above while viewing the pics.
i dont know... to set the mood. ahahaa.


grand palace - main entrance - bangkok

Wat Pho -reclining buddah in grand palace- bangkok

flying o/b 1-2 go airlines -over islands of phuket

krabi island - phi phi islands

patong beach - phuket

james bond island - emerald bay - phuket

grand palace - bangkok

turtle bay lagoon - near phang nga bay - phuket

chao phraya river - bangkok

ride on a tuk tuk - bangkok

boat tour and lunch - chao phraya river - bangkok

snorkeling - maya bay -phuket


Sonya said...

Lucky you! Your trip is beautiful. I wish I got to travel internationally, other than Canada!! said...

im so jealous!! that must've been such an awesome amazing trip. i can't wait to travel one day. :)

•·.·SweetLisi·.·• said...

the trip was just more than amazing for me.

who knows, you might get to travel sooner than you think. that's what happened to me :D but i do hope that one day you ladies do travel around the world and i don't care where cause i'm sure you ladies deserve it.

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