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Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Pretty Pink Box cherry...

... it goes POP!

so anyways... hehe.. just wanted to share with y'all my very first ever pretty pink box.
i've never ever heard of MyPrettyPinkBox before.
i found out about it on twitter and a couple of blog posts.
so i was asking everyone what the heck it was cause everyone was mentioning it.

in case you don't know what MyPrettyPinkBox is:
it's a beauty sampler box that gives you a chance to try products from some participating companies .
each box also contains up & coming items and well known brands.
you also get discount offers along with the samles/products.
not only does the box contain samples, you'll also receive at least one full size product.
pricing varies from month to month because contents vary each month. different companies send in samples for the month.
boxes go on sale once a month.
currently only available with in the u.s. and canada.

for more info please click on the following to go to their official website:

so this is what i received in my box for the month of april =)

(photos taken w/ my cell phone cam =D)

look at how cute the box is!! i loved it!

everyday body lotion for all skin types

eye defining pencil in beech tree *product from australia*

for the first time, i'd have to say i was happy with what i received.
will i purchase again for next month's box?
i don't know yet.
i might just buy one and give it away!
we will see.


Sonya said...

Wow seems like you got a good selection in your pink box. I wish mines was a little like that. I got this eye cream sample in my box though, Awake. Loved it, and found out the full-size is $100 @ Neiman Marcus!

Sonya said...

p/s Thanks for sharing your goodies with us.

ekimura said...

you got pretty good stuff eye pencils looks nice! :)

Vanessa M. said...

yay! cnt wit to get mine!

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