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Sunday, April 26, 2009

just a NOTD thing...

hello beauties. a quick NOTD entry here using China Glaze Strawberry Fields (sent by the gorgeous SONYA).
once i got it from sonya i just had to use it right away.

ENjOY (pics taken w/ lg vu camera phone)
first design i came up with that day i got the package from sonya.

this design here is the winner. like it?
would you believe me if i said i did this all in a moving car?
that's why it looks so tacky.
i cleaned it up though no worries.

this last one here.. well before the tiger stripes, i was trying to do some sort of flower in graffiti style. i actually do like this a lot. it's not a complete finished work but just an idea for my next nail design.
thank you so much again sonya. i'll be sure to try and post home recipes from my country soon.

FYI:for my lovely followers on twitter...some of you know i work nights and weekends.
finally i got friday and saturday off!!! it felt so good i'm already dreading the thought next friday and saturday i'll be back on my 6p-3am or later grind. ah!! i hate it =(
oh and i wish i took a pic of my friday and saturday outfits. boOoOoOo!!!


Whit said...

"just" a notd?? that's frickin rad!!!!

Vanessa M. said...

good gawd woman!

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