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Thursday, April 23, 2009

sonya hearts lisi

hello loves.
today i have to shine the light on a beautiful blogger.
first of all i have to say Congrats SONYA! = she just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. =

so this lovely gal you see here (Sonya) sent me a package. i call it a love package cause she sent it for no reason other than to just give love. this was totally out of the blue. random. i mean her and i just started to talk over twitter to get to know each other more since we can't chat on blogger (she got twitter cause of me, heheh) and here we are today... sharing the love that was given.
i don't know why you did it sonya but it made my day. it couldn't have come at a much better time! thank you doll face. i can't thank you enough.
did the bottles survive? take a peek...

*click on ^Sonya's ^ picture to link
to her blog.*
pictures **ENJOY **
(pics taken w/ my lg vu camera phone)

i was expecting a smaller box.. WoW!

here it is... only one bottle didn't survive.
gah!! it was such a gorgeous looking polish! why?!?

it got all over one of the bows (well just on one side at least)

most of the polish was in one spot. it didn't get all over the place.

talk about love!!! this was more than i expected!
i was sitting there thinking... i was in awe. =)

more falsies to add to my tiny collection.
i love me some red cherry.
the orange ones are my practice lashes (so she said)... hehee. they're too cute to just be practice lashes.

got to find a hair style where i can use the bows =)
aren't they cute?
see the bottom one w/ some polish on the right side =(

Sonya... thank you soo sooo much for sending me this package. i just can't thank you enough. this was all more than what i expected to get. i was thinking you sent two polishes and that was it.
your note was so cute... i'm bummed about that one polish that r.i.p. during the way. the others were ok. just some cracking here and there. i'm using your polishes right away already! i'm so happy i didn't have those yet and now i do. i swear they are lovely colors!! you're a total doll!! if i could i'd hug you 'til your eyes pop out. hahaha. you're the best girlfriend! i'm still speechless... this is just love.
i hope that you and new baby are doing well. sorry that you had to have c-section. rest up doll.. can't wait to see pictures of new baby! talk to you soon.. i'll be here, waiting. hehehe.


GiGi said...

I love Sonya, she truly is a sweetheart with a big heart! I love your surprise!

Whit said...

aww yay sonya!!! how sweet of her!! :)

Sonya said...

OH that was sooo sweet. LOL thank goodness it was a little one that broke. I swear my blonde moments ROFL. I'm glad you liked everything *hugs*

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