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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A failed what? What name?

ah..finally a day off! i've been working 7 days straight! off today, back on the grind tomorrow for another 7 day streak!

so remember this cute feller?:

...well this ball of cuteness FINALLY has a name! it's name is POCKET. why? cause it's small enough to fit in a pocket. THANK YOU L (LADYLONLINE) for the name. the boy actually agreed to that name. L suggested a few names and thru the process we were being silly. she had me laughing hard that I had tears coming out of one flippin' eye! she even suggested QTip. lol. cute. i was coming up with weird ones like flea, whisker,button, zinger..etc..
to the few ladies who were kind to suggest, thank you so much. all names were cute but i had to come in an agreement with the boy. i really appreciate all the feedback. thank you. <3

so on with the blog title..we got the what name done.. but what did i fail?!?
my flippin NOTW!!! i should've taken a before picture but i was rushing to get ready for work. the ones you view below are the after.
i used glitter polish as the base (besides clear base coat), real dried flowers, and clear top coat w/ bonder.
i didn't give nails sufficient time to dry that i just hopped in the shower and my damn flowers just got too wet. the yellow ones weren't yellow anymore. for now on if i use yellow im using dark polish base. the purple one wasn't bad at all cause the color stayed vibrant.

SEE WHAT I MEAN?!? FAILED!! i will attempt this again. this time i'll give plenty of time as in hours before soaking hands in water.
next post i'll see if i can pop a pic or two of my dried flower collection.


L said...

Aw, you're welcome! :)

The concept of ya nails is real coo tho, please give it another go!


Le Midget said...

I had a lil white mouse named Pocket once! When I first got it it kept going in my sweatshirt's pocket lol

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