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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

boutique - kb originals

hey dolls. so today i have a small haul from Beau Monde boutique.. =D Hi Kelly!!
i didn't purchase much but keep in mind this was my first purchase from Kelly's etsy boutique.
i was seriously eye balling a pair of earrings just because i thought it was just cute and unique. i like to be unique rather than blend with the crowd sometimes. i'm sure that we all do sometimes if not most of the time.
then, another pair caught my eye for the colors. =D i don't know, i'm very picky with earrings sometimes. i love earrings, but it depends what i want the earrings for, that's when the PICKY side of me kicks in.
(pics taken lg vu camera phone)

please check out Kelly's etsy shop by clicking the following:
she has some beautiful jewelry which she hand makes herself. she is such a sweetheart and is there to help you with any questions (whether on youtube or twitter). Kelly, i am seriously in love with Pastel Princess Cluster Bracelet. i'm sure i'll get my hands on it. oh, let me say the shipping was fast. got it in two days after ordering. i loooooooove fast shipping.
thank you so much Kelly. Can't wait for the two new up-and-coming collections. i got my eye on something already in your sneek-peek photos.

thanks everyone for the love on twitter - just seems like a few are feeling down and out. yesterday really was the worst ever in my life! thanks for caring. xoxo

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