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Saturday, May 9, 2009

NotD ... or should i say NotW?

so i'm thinking, i shouldn't say NOTD.. it is actually more like NOTW(eek) cause i mean i do paint my nails and leave them on for about 5days anyway. not just for 1 day.
so yeah.. i guess these here is my NOTW!
using 3 polishes that i recently purchased (haul posted previously to this one)

i sort of rushed this nail design =( but it looks good. i love the colors and very happy that they all combined well. i was worried one might be off or too much for the other.

so just a refresher, i used lubu heels (on tip, dots,swirly), awakening (base color), and art deco in glittery pink.
(pics taken w/ lg vu camera phone)

so thanks for peeping out the nails.
hope all of y'all are enjoying the weekend. i hate weekends =( i work nights and it sucks.


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Dana Yoshimizu said...

These nails are REALLY cute!!! <3

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