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Thursday, May 7, 2009

china glazed up + q&a?!?

ok so i went to sally's to pick up a few things but look at here!!! i bought two more polishes from china glaze and one art deco polish.

please forgive picture quality. night time shots suck so bad.
(pics taken w/ my lg vu camera phone)

lubu heels (left), glittery pink (center), awakening (right)


(lubu heels)

i can't wait to start using these later tonight. i have to think of a design.. i mean i have one in mind already but i just need to play with it a bit. so what do you think of these two?!?

ok so blogger here has no reply button for comments left. so for now on any questions asked on a previous blog will be answered at the next new blog post... then new questions on that one will be posted on the next one after that, etc etc. i hope that makes sense.

ok so last post (besides the announcement of a new blogger post) was about my notd using for audrey and small mac haul.. so anything asked there will be answered here! yay! starting today! also, any additional comments left that i'd like to reply to will be posted as well. =D sound good?

q&a's ::
tiny mac purchase & notd

mz.cyn.dez : naked pigment is to die for. totally worth the $$ for a whole jar. it's the most beautiful fleshy toned color w/ pink almost copperish sparkle to it. in my opinion, many shadows can be well combined w/ this pigment. for a beginner using pigments, i find it easy to use. =D

izumi : glad to know you think notd's are cool. i'm no pro but i'm sure one day you'll be able to get that polish to stay on for two days at least! <3

tammy : no nail polish pens! all free lance w/ a stripping (i think that's what it's called) brush. i wanted to buy a pen but w/ a brush i can mix polishes. idk. =D i'm still mastering designs.

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Jules said...

WoW! I love those nail polish colors. Especially Lubu Heels. ^_^

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