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Saturday, May 2, 2009

tiny MAC purchase & NoTD

hello my loves.
just a quick haulage here from mac.

if you follow me on twitter, then you should already know that i've been wanting to have naked pigment.
well... i finally got it and i've been using it everyday now.

(pics taken w/ lg vu camera phone)

*mineralize skin finish natural in medium
*naked pigment (bottom left)
*electra e/s (bottom right)
*shale e/s (bottom center)

*makeup porn*

*viva glam v*
(shout out to vans aka vansmakeupride)
she suggested i get this one
thanks babe!

here i am using for audrey as base (sent to me by the lovely sonya aka sonya k thanks love muah!!)
i think this polish was defected lol no seriously
it was too dang watery for me to use .. it just wasn't working well
i don't know about the design, i didn't come out right but it's sort of do-able.


MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Great haul!! How's naked pigment? I've been eyeing that one for awhile but never purchased it. BTW, love the nail design!!

izumi said...

wow i love your NOTD's.. so COOL!! hahahha. sorry, at a loss of other more descriptive words :P i wish my nailpolish would stay on for more than 24 hours (i'm such a klutz!).

Tammy said...

Viva Glam V is my fav!!!!! Your nail design is so pretty! Did you use the nail polish pens to achieve it..??

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