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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i got that flower power! did you?

good flippin' news! i finally ordered from DSK! YES!!! my first dsk jewelry!
i was so glad to have logged on to blogger and there it was! a new post with lovely jewelry.
i didn't think twice about it! i ordered right away.
so for my first purchase, i ordered a necklace and a set of cute earrings. i completely was hypnotized by the necklace.. NO JOKE! i wore it two days in a row after receiving it. LET ME TELL YOU, i got my jewelry in a jiffy!! two days!!! i swear fast shipping is the ISH!
i think everyone should own at least 1 item from DSK! you have to have one!!!

Enjoy (pics taken lg vu camera phone)
my boy was the one who opened my package. yeah. um.. he started eating my candy! it's ok. sharing is caring.
i also got a mask. i love masks.

flower power blingage BABE!!!

i was rushing to get to work, sorry you can't really see the earrings.
they're so cute!

this one here... that damn flower power hit my wallet. seducted me.. i needed it. had to have it.
now i do.

was rockin' this baby for two days straight.
it is my obsession.. for now. haha. 'til i get a new lover of a necklace.

please click the following to visit DSK jewelry blog

i hope everyone visit's her site. FYI.. she just posted some lovely things for you TWILIGHT freaks. hah. i'm not a fan (sorry guys... boooo i know) but i have to admit, i'm falling for that twilight inspired bracelet.
THANK YOU so much STEPH. i was so much more head over heals for my necklace when i received it. the goodies.. yummers though my boy was hogging it all. haha. that mask imma use it on my day off. i need a pamper lisi day! been working that o.t.! im effin tired!
girl i have my eyes on a few things including that twilight inspired bracelet. def it won't be my first or last purchase. THANK YOU again.


3 comments: said...

steph always has some great stuff! i love what you got from her. its simple yet elegant. not that none of her items are already elegant, but i like what you got lol.

Jules said...

Soo pretty!!!! Love it...classy and cute all at the same time.

Sonya said...

Hey cutie pie! I think I'm going to need your help with a contest. Got any ideas??

I love your necklace and earrings. DSK packaging is so elegant and nice! All her things are so pretty...

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