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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NOTW (small post)

i did my cousin's nails yesterday so i wanted to share with you bloggers what i did.
this is just a very simple design. i keep photos of ALL the nail art i have done for myself and my cousin was going thru them. my mom suggested that i do my cousin's nails... so i did. this is the first time i do nail art for someone else other than myself. so yeah, this one here is the one she liked.

my mom is spreading the word about how i do nail art and well now i have people wanting me to do their nails.. is that a good thing? maybe. i mean if i end up getting money for it down the line then yes. the more i practice, the better i'll get and learn more techniques, etc..

hope you all like it.
i've had a really bad week last week and now i'm even more sad..
my cousin is back in central america. she was staying with us for a month and last night my mom, aunt and i dropped her off at the airport. i wish she didn't have to back home. i miss central america. i hope i can go next year.
i will add photos of the national Guatemalan soccer team (we met at the airport last nite) later when my cousin sends me the photos!
i was all nervous.. them dudes are FINE!!! my cousin is so lucky she got to fly with them. hope her husband doesn't get jealous when he sees the photos. haha. i tell ya, my cousin and i were in heaven!


Denise said...

oh this is just so cute.

i love nail colors.

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