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Monday, July 27, 2009

status: glam? [slight pic heavy]

so bloggers, been having a very rough week. =( gah.. where is my sunshine? shopping can be considered my temporary haven.. my temporary sunshine thru the clouds. my comfort.
introducing... my Status Glam haul. Status Glam? yes, that is the name of a new online boutique.
i'm sure most of you have youtube accounts and follow awesome gurus as well.. does status mode sound familiar?
does this picture help? hehe. if not click on photo to go to her youtube channel.
anyways, she has a new site that is currently up and running which offers a lovely variety of handbags, wallets, keychains, laptop bags, bracelets, necklaces, rings, nail polishes and red cherry lashes!!! i personally think the items are quite unique and so very cute. VERY GIRLY INDEED! so i was invoice number two, lol.., so i got only a few things BUT let me tell you i've already ordered again. shipping was very fast! received it two days after ordering.
let's just view the goodies shall we?

i just loved how this was wrapped up. it was like, hey lisi here is your gift you ordered! lol.
i really thought this gave it a personal touch. =) loved it.

dual wrapped. white tissue in the interior as well.

TADA!! i purchased a zebra print tote bag.
i love animal prints. it's my current obsession.

interior. sad that there are no pockets but nonetheless it's all good. i rarely use pockets anyways! hehe.
it has a zipper closure.
let me say my laptop actually fits in here. i have an hp pavilion notebook.

i also ordered a couple of key chains.
i really loved how the items were sent. =D

on the site, it looked like a decent size...

but look how big it is!!! haha. wow. got my moneys worth i should say.
but it's still such a gorgeous key chain.

cool thing about it.. the other charms on this key chain can be removed!
so you can switch it around i guess. i like mine how it is. i'm tempted to take one off and put it on my phone. i won't. =D

i really like this one. once i received it my house keys were already put with this keychain.

so there it is! =) the site launched about a week ago. new items are being added so everytime i check it out (like every other day) there is something new and that i want! IN MY OPINION, i think the prices on the site are fairly reasonable. from what i have received so far, i do feel like i DID get my moneys worth and wasn't disappointed at all.
BRI - i wish you lots of success in this new business/website! wishing you also ALL the very best! good luck. <3

ALSO, i did shop at (elle and blair's online store aka allthatglitters21 and juicystar07 from youtube).
i just couldn't wait any longer. i just HAD to get one thing at least. just for now so i can take care of the itch! lol. wow, ok! so i got this keychain - zebra print w/ hot pink. yes, L for lil Lisi! =D
i ordered this the same day i did with and got them both two days later.

so there it is lovies! hope you enjoyed. sorry it was a loooong post!
Links:(please click the following)
StatusModes online boutique :
Elle and Blairs online store :


Aquaheart said...

sooo cute! I love the bag!!

Sonya said...

OMG the charms are friggin' adorable. I didn't know that she ventured out and became an entreupeanuer...awesome. I want a charm now. How are you? Thanks for e-mailing me contest ideas. I still want to do one, but I'm going to wait until I'm not paying for all the childcare expenses on my own.

How are you??

mayaari said...

the zebra tote is really cute!

Kittynail said...

Cool stuff!

I just discovered your blog and followed. Check out mine too if you want :)

DSK said...

I love the zebra print!

-ELLE♡ said...

how pretty!
love the zebra print :)

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