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Thursday, July 23, 2009

simple yet pretty

here is one of my fave hair styles. it is a simple but lovely look. i don't know, i get complimented often when i do my hair this way. i do three sections but it can be more than three.. it could be done in four, five, six or seven depending on ones liking. the more sections, the smaller they will be of course. to hold the sections, you don't need to use those clips you see in the picture. i actually hold the sections with one bobby pin. reason i put the clips is because at work i move around a lot and just want to make sure the sections stay in place. the rest of the hair can be let all down or pull hair up in a pony tail. hair can be straightened or add some curls.
this style does NOT take long at all. straightening hair takes time to do but for a quick do, i just do the top part in three sections and then the rest of the hair i put in a bun holding it in place with large bobby pins.

will you believe me if i told you this is my hair after 9 hrs?!?
i had just gotten out of work.
i just used a bit of sheen spray while twisting to control frizz.
then spritz a bit of my fave tresemme hold spray.

so there it is. hope you like it. =)

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Tammy said...

I do my hair like this too!! I love it!! Sometimes I'll do it when my hair is wet & the next day I have the most beautiful waves.

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