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Thursday, November 6, 2008

another challenge?

well, i am now challenging myself... actually i am entering another contest.
i have to show my everyday look, then i have to challenge myself into doing a look i haven't done before.
i am so down to try a blue color shadow look.
i am always afraid to try blue. blue is such a bold move.
but i am going to do it.
problem is, my camera. i have a bad color camera. i feel like it doesn't really capture the best quality. i have my canon but i am not sure i can record video. i am sure i can.
i will figure out a way to tweak my laptop cam.
or my sony cam.
so frustrating.
anywho, here is a peek at my everyday look that i will submit. i might redo it, but here is a sample:



wish me luck! especially luck with my camera!!!

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