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Thursday, April 16, 2009

for the love of ____

TEMPEST from China Glaze

It's so funny... i remember seeing china glaze at sally's and said to myself... this nail polish is gonna boom in the beauty world. guess what? it did!!! it's everywhere on blogger and youtube.
im so psychic, want a reading? haha. no, i can't read the future.

anyways, let me tell you ladies, i am in LOVE with china glaze and my ultimate fave ..which was so hard to pick.. well currently my fave TEMPEST! the color builds up the more you add. it can be sheer with one coat .. or darker with two more coats.
I am just super happy that i just had to use the color again.
I usually switch colors up every week, but...
i used a different design. thats my excuse to use it again.

I am thanking my boyfriend for this. He was the one that picked it for me. poor thing, i always have him pick things out when i can't decide but he was drawn to the color. (he is straight.. lol.. he hates to see me so indecisive so he helps me pick)

so that up there is my fave. it looks different all the time in pictures.

i want to post up pics of my two different nail designs i used with this polish.
what do you think ladies?

you know what!?!? i love it so much i want to give one away and share my love!!
how about that? a china glaze tempest give away!
so... should i do a post with my nails and a give away?!?

ah it's thursday again. that means i go back to work tonight =(
oh well. got to stack my green.



Sonya said...

I love China Glazes! They are so awesome for the price and pigmentation ;)

Tammy said...

I have yet to try these polishes..I just made a video saying I'm going to pick up some of these the next time I go to

Tammy said...

You should do a giveaway btw!! lol

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