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Friday, April 17, 2009

...part two - THe TeMPeST

YEAH I SAID IT! part 2...
so i totally had to post some pics of what i was talking about...
my current china glaze fave - TEMPEST

please excuse my dry fingers here on some of my pictures.
[ pictures taken with my lg camera phone ]

so these first two were taken four days after applying.
this was the first time i used tempest and couldn't decide what design to do so... MEH i did this plain one. this design was last weeks.

the next two here is what i just created two days ago so yeah pictures taken two days after applying.
i just needed an excuse to use this polish again so i created this lovely design. i freakin' love it.

i don't know if you can notice, but the color of the polish tends to change in every picture.
don't know if that is a good thing.
so yeah, hope you all liked it.


Sonya said...

Now I want tempest!!! Haha...

Anyways thanks for the warm wishes. I'll post pictures of Adelina up once she is born.

ekimura said...

pretty nails sweets~! i did mine too but I could not take a good photo of it,,, :(

Tammy said...

So pretty!!! I need to stop being lazy and posting my nail pics

mayaari said...

love the color!

L said...

dude lisi, i love that deep purple color. thanks for sublim. reminding me that i need to paint mine. i think i'll do it this weekend. i have all these gem thingys and need to put them to use! i have a few japanese nail magazines chillin right next to me... just taunting me! LOL

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