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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

prize haul

i received this prize package on monday from the lovely NatNeagle and got excited about it even thru my current *blues*. needed a distraction and this was it.

Nat needed name suggestions for her cute and beautiful flower hair clips (which she creates) and decided to make it into a contest. talk about unique, that was totally a unique contest (in my opinion) and the winner would get a flower or two that she made.
i took the chance and submitted some names for her.
come to find out the name i suggested was one that many have favorited (or liked) and yes i won.
so now her beautiful clips have a name :BeautiFleur by Nat.

pictures... enjoy
(pics taken with my lg vu camera phone)
*** flowers clips made by Nat ***
i thought that card w/ juicy lips was cute.

she is such a doll... she also sent me three jesse's girl shadows.
top left: cellini red
bottom left: cafe au lait
right: super pearl pink

Nat, just wanted to say thank you so much for the clips and adding some shadows in as well.
i have been wanting to get my hands on cellini red. i was eye balling it for the longest.
i thought the card was really cute. reminds me of your pinup look w/ red lipstick.
thank you again and if you do and when you do start selling your hair clips..i wish you the best of luck and success.
looking forward into seeing those special new clips you're making. can't wait to see!
you're just a sweetheart with me and stay positive cause you look even more lovely when you have a smile on you.

if you've seen or are subscribed to nat's video channel, you'll notice the clips she makes in the background. i think they're all gorgeous.
please visit nat by clicking the following:

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